Thank you for being here.

If you want to work together on a photo shoot, travel article/article on just about anything, press releases or writing/editing jobs or just go wandering somewhere, contact me – amalinidesayrah@gmail.com


I was racking my brains for a title when the office guy placed my standard 4.00 pm cup of tea in front of me.

It seemed like the easy way out but it was just what I needed.
I love my tea, milk or plain, iced or hot, any time of the day, wherever.
Either this happened because or is reinforced by the fact that I live in Sri Lanka, where we seem to find no end to the beverage.
Sri Lanka is different to everyone who lives here and will be different to anyone who visits; what I’m doing here is telling the stories of my country as I see them.
If you’re Sri Lankan, for you to maybe see our home in a different light to what you usually do.
If you’re not, to make you want to visit and understand this place in a more personal sense.
Photography, I picked up quite by chance, having been put in charge of the family camera one vacation years ago. Now, in addition to seeing and feeling everything that I have, I can store it to share with others. Visit my Instagram for everyday moments from my home.
I’ve been in media-journalism-publication related stuff since my last years in school but all I really want to do is some sort of work that, in the simplest terms, helps people. Volunteering experience and helping to instigate that passion in others is something I take great joy in. I enjoy work best when allowed out onto the field to meet and speak to people whose voices so often go unnoticed.
They change me – I believe my experience travelling, for work or pleasure, helps me to understand the world and myself more; what it needs to be better, what I need to be a better person for it.
All of my interests converge when travelling – seeing, feeling, capturing and learning, it’s a rush of goodness. But I’ve learned that while excitement looms in far off places, beauty is right under our noses, if we look a little closer.

Always open to learning and discovering.




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  1. hello there! I couldn’t quite figure out your name from your email address… sorry, so I thought i’d ask you.. I am Savio from Goa-India and am I glad to come across a Sri Lankan 🙂 found your blog through Sahan’s… 🙂 hope to hear from you




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